Sunday Social Distancing

Unfortunately, my work is still open during this pandemic. My anxiety is running high, but I’m staying at least 6 feet away from everyone, disinfecting my workspace at least once an hour, washing my hands every 20 minutes, and doing my best to stay calm.

The weekend has been blissful because I have been able to stay inside and practice social distancing. Normally weekends are busy for us, but we’ve allowed ourselves some time to just unwind and relax during this stressful time.

Here’s what I’ve done this weekend:

1. Yoga

I’m finding that yoga helps so much more than I realized. Just stretching and focusing on the movement of my muscles helps me to slow my anxiety-riddled mind down and focus on what I can control, not the fear and anxiety of what I can’t.

2. Cooking

Normally I find cooking to be a little stressful, but mostly because it takes time out of my precious evenings after work. Today I made time to meal prep for the week. I know my week is going to be stressful again, so I took the time to take anxiety out of my meals. I prepped potatoes and sweet potatoes, I made bacon bits for my salads, I made shredded chicken in my instant pot, and I made chicken corn chowder for dinner today and lunch tomorrow. Already with this meal prepping I’m feeling less anxious about getting ready for work tomorrow.

3. Read

I turned the tv off and read for four hours today. The silence of having the tv turned off is definitely helping relax me and prepare me for the hectic work environment. I love being busy: I thrive in a fast-paced work environment. As a result, I don’t take very much time to be silent and focus on calming my mind down. Reading helps me focus my mind in then quiet so my imagination doesn’t run wild, instead it directs my thoughts and helps my imagination stay on track and be more fulfilled and rested.

4. Slept

I let myself take a nap today. I had a lot of cleaning and other tasks on my to-do list for the weekend, but with everything going on right now I keep finding myself exhausted from stress. I took 30 minutes to sleep in the middle of the day, I just let myself stop thinking and feeling guilty for not being productive and I let myself have some me time. It felt amazing.

At the end of the day, it’s super important that we all let ourselves off the hook for not being socially productive during this pandemic. It’s okay to stop paying attention to the news for a day and just distance ourselves. Take this opportunity in isolation to let yourself relax, take care of your body and your brain, because that’s the only way we will get through this thing okay.

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